Due to A.M Cranes & Rigging Pty Ltd being the Territory’s leading Crane Company, we have been able to meet all requests by our clients by offering a vast range of all crane related services. We are aware that many jobs require more than just a ‘lift’, therefore to ensure that ‘no job is too big or too small’ we successfully achieve being the best in the work place by offering the following services:


Crane Hire

To suit the job and client we offer two types of crane hire.

1. General Hire (wet hire) charged at an hourly rate with a crane operator supplied.
2. Dry Hire - hire of the Crane only, no operator supplied.


The yard space at A.M. Cranes consists of over 10,000 square metres of hard stand and over 2,550 square metres of warehouse and undercover storage.

With this extensive space we offer storage all types of goods.


At A.M. Cranes we have our own transport vehicles, ranging from Tilt Trays to Prime Movers, with multiple trailers. Our transport vehicles assist with counter weights, removal of site materials and transportation of goods to sites etc.


Decanting services and organisation of transport and logistics are available to help our customers deal with timelines and schedules. Let the experts at A.M. Cranes  take care of the whole job for you. 


Labour Hire

To assist with all tasks we offer fully qualified Crane Operators, Dogman and Riggers. Our staff are fully trained to ensure that all safety requirements are achieved and that jobs are completed successfully and effectively. 




Capability Statement

At A.M. Cranes, we identify, implement, manage and monitor the products and services that we supply to our clients and staff. We also aim to enhance our knowedge and skills with as much training and advancements as achievable so we can serve our clients and staff better.